“Islamic State” bomb blast kills military official in Misrata

A senior military intelligence officer in Misrata was killed by a bomb on Wednesday night as he left the city’s Al-A’yeb mosque following prayer.

The Islamic State group’s west Libya faction “Wilayat Tarablus” later claimed responsibility for the attack which wounded six other people.

Colonel Taher al-Wish, deputy head of military intelligence in the western city, died immediately when a “sticky” bomb attached to the bottom of his vehicle was detonated. He had just left the Al-A’yeb mosque, which is located on Benghazi Street in a southern district of Misrata, after Tarawih, a night-time Ramadan prayer.

It comes amid a string of similar bombings and shootings by IS fighters against officials and soldiers linked to Misrata that is the hometown of the country’s rival government, Libya Dawn.

Libya Dawn has been battling IS militants for control of territory in the centre of the country after losing Sirte to the jihadists in May.

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