Tripoli areas flooded after heavy rainfalls

Libya Channel

Heavy rainfalls have caused the closure of main roads in the Libyan capital, spoiling Eid al-Adha festivities for many residents.

Several neighbourhoods and suburbs were flooded after heavy rainfalls on Thursday and Friday, including Triq al-Shauk, Furnaj, Arada, Ain Zara and the area around Tripoli University as well as sections of the Ring Road.

Traffic throughout the city was severely disturbed and many vehicles were damaged, limiting the movement of residents wanting to celebrate Eid al-Adha with their families.

Weather conditions had improved somewhat by Friday prayer, but a number of roads are still cut off.

Due to its deficient infrastructure and the lack of a proper sewage system Tripoli routinely experiences sudden floods.

Photo: social media
Photo: social media

The National Safety Authority urged residents in the affected areas to exercise extreme caution when moving about and only to leave their homes if necessary.

Some residents (see picture below) were better equipped than others to deal with the extreme weather conditions.

Photo: social media
Photo: social media
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