IS executes two medics, soldier in defiant video from Benghazi

Libya Channel

Islamic State militants in Libya have executed two medics and a soldier in Benghazi, a gruesome killing broadcast in their latest propaganda video from the war-torn city.

The short clip released on Monday showed masked militants beheading one man and shooting two others. Entitled “Fight the loyalists of the devil,” the video bore the logo of the media office of the Islamic State’s eastern Libya chapter- ‘Cyrenaica province,” known as ‘Wilayat Barqa.’

Two of the three executed were paramedics working for the Benghazi Medical Center who went missing in the middle of last April while on duty. The third is believed to be a soldier fighting with the Libyan army against IS and its affiliates in the coastal city.

The BMC team (Photo: BMC)
The BMC team (Photo: BMC)

The release of the video comes as IS have lost significant ground in Benghazi since the Libyan army, lead by General Khalifa Haftar, launched “Operation Martyrs’ Blood” to flush out extremist groups.

IS, and armed coalition Benghazi Revolutionaries’ Shura Council were pushed out of key neighborhoods including Leithi, Boatni and Huwari.

The army launched “Gardabia 2”to take back Sirte, the only Libyan city under the complete control of the terror group. Thousands of troops have reportedly been amassing in the east and moving west towards the mid-central town.

Monday’s video is a reminder that the terror group is still operating in Benghazi despite their setbacks. In clip the three victims, dressed in orange jumpsuits, are led to meet their end.

“I advise every mother to contain her son, you are fighting an Islamic state, a state of righteousness that is spreading the religion of Islam,” said Mohamed Al-Rabae, 30, before his masked executioner shot him at the back of his head.

Mohamed Al-Rabae a medic at the BMC (Photo: BMC)
Mohamed Al-Rabae a medic at the BMC (Photo: BMC)

The second man, Abdul Salam Alsowaiti, identified as “a member of the apostate Libyan Army’ by IS,  was shown digging his own grave, before he was also shot dead.

“We thank Allah for blessing us with beheading the apostates, so they are used as an example. “ said the masked executioner, dressed in an all black uniform, holding a knife in his left hand and resting his right hand on the third victim’s head.

“Thou shall not be happy with the state’s distance from a part of its lands” he added referring to IS’s recent loss of territory.

Jebril Al-Orebi, a paramedic beheaded by IS (photo: BMC)
Jebril Al-Orebi, a paramedic beheaded by IS (photo: BMC)

Jebril Al-Orebi, 25, the second paramedic, and the last of the three to be executed was held down, and brutally beheaded by the masked man.

“What is coming is more shrewd and bitter,” the militants warned.


The BMC released a message on Tuesday sending its condolences to the families of the slain medics. It said the pair had been captured while working on the frontline in Benghazi’s Garwasha district, an area of heavy fighting.
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